Watterson's Whereabouts

The Watterson's ministry adventures with ReachGlobal Crisis Response

Our story

February 2007, a year and a half after Katrina devastated the New Orleans area and Mississippi Gulf coast, we headed to Trinity Church in Covington, LA.  We had just received acceptance from EFCA ReachGlobal (the missions arm of the Evangelical Free Churches of America) to serve one year with their, then titled, Crisis Response ministry.  We moved into a cottage just north of Covington.  Kevin traveled each day about 40 miles into New Orleans to work with volunteers on his assigned construction sites.  Babette and the kids settled into the routine of homeschool and meeting up with Kevin in the evening either at Trinity Church to eat with the volunteer teams or at home for some family time.  Before the year was over we were convinced that God’s calling was for more than a year and we began the long term application process to be missionaries with EFCA ReachGlobal.

We were accepted as long-term missionaries in June of 2008.  We purchased a house in Louisiana, put the kids into public school, and got back to the business of being part this awesome ministry.

Since then the ministry’s name as changed to ReachGlobal Crisis Response.  We were personally part of the responses in Galveston, TX after Hurricane Ike; Chincha, Peru after two large earthquakes about three hours south of Lima; Haiti after the life shattering earthquakes there; Madison, AL after the tornados of 2011, and the Northeast after Hurricane Irene and tropical storm Lee packed a double whammy of flooding to neighborhoods stretching through several states.  We have also been involved with the SuperStorm Sandy response in both the Atlantic City area and in Staten Island. And we continue to be a part of the work in New Orleans that still exists since Katrina.  ReachGlobal Crisis Response has a few more responses on their resume.

Kevin now helps to oversee staff as a Response Site Coordinator and Babette helps in the office while the kids are in school.  For more on ReachGlobal Crisis Response, visit their page on the website: go.efca.org


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